About Notura

Sjors Timmer is a Senior UX designer at Designit, he has over ten years experience in designing for finance, e-commerce, government, healthcare and  social networks. He has worked for start-ups, agencies and companies.

He work closely with clients and stakeholders to understand and define challenges, gather requirements and use a broad set of user-centred design techniques to create the best solution that meets user and business goals.

He is actively involved in the UX community, spoke at Interaction18, EuroIA and UX Brighton, ran a workshop on mobile form design at UX Bristol 2016 and was co-organiser of the Design History Reading Club.

He holds two MA degrees, one from Goldsmiths, University of London, and one from HKU, School of the Arts, Utrecht.

He is passionate about stretching the boundaries of interaction design by expanding its future and exploring its past.

For more information see Sjors Timmer CV (pdf 94 kb) or Sjors Timmer portfolio (pdf 5.4 mb).

Contact Sjors via:
email: sjors@notura.com
twitter: @sjors

Elsewhere he can be found at

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