Uxdo writing workshop – a short overview

Inspired by Will Myddelton’s post on the open UX university I got the idea for a series of workshops that could help people become more active in the UX community. Posting the idea on the London IA message board resulted in many positive replies. Attendees, speakers, co-organisers and hosts all came forward. After the initial post it still took a few months to connect all the dots, but on 7 July the first Uxdo took place.

The theme of the workshop hosted at Fortune Cookie was writing and featured Martin Belam and Cennydd Bowles. Martin shared great tips on getting into the blogging habit and optimising your posts and Cennydd made it clear that editing is as important for a good piece as writing itself. At the end of the evening everyone agreed to write a blogpost and two weeks later the majority lived up to it.

Here’s a list of all the posts that were written after the uxdo workshop:

Martin Belam – Cennydd Bowles on the value of editing
Tim Caynes – Writing to be read: a workshop on being a better writer
Heidi Blanton – Who has rights to your Twitter photos? TwitPic updates TOS.
Sally Smith – Copywriting and interface design: five unifying principles – UX Sleuth
Lucy Hughes – Interactivism
Francis Rowland – Science, stories and better design
Will Myddelton – The Story Of How I Got My Name
Tyler Tate – Learning Styles: The Cognitive Side of Content
Martina Schell – UX in startups: 6 tips from the frontline
Simon Doggett  – The London UX Job Pool – A Guide for Candidates
Jason Mesut – The Portfolio Rant (part 2)
Cennydd Bowles – Simple Harmonic Motion

These posts form a wide and rich collection of stories and ideas, which I think is an amazing result! And I hope that everyone feels inspired to keep on writing.

Rumour has it that the next Uxdo will be on workshop facilitation and might take place in mid-August, be sure to follow @uxdo on twitter to find out when the next one will be.