A short introduction

I’m Sjors Timmer, a senior user experience designer with over ten years experience designing for finance, e-commerce, government, healthcare and social networks. I’ve worked for start-ups, agencies and established companies.

I enjoy being part of a multidisciplinary team, working closely with colleagues and stakeholders to understand and define challenges and explore, test and build solutions that meet user needs and business goals.

I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute, lead, learn and grow in amazing environments such as SumUp, Designit, Farfetch, Specsavers and the UK’s Ministry of Justice.

I hold two MA degrees, one from Goldsmiths, University of London, and one from HKU, School of the Arts, Utrecht.

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I enjoy reading about psychology and philosophy and trying to connect it to our design work. To wrestle with ideas, design talks and communicate clearly continues to be a rewarding and educational experience.

Space as a medium for interaction design – Interaction 18
Designing better forms
Hermeneutics for Designers – UX Brighton

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To me writing has a lot in common with design. It’s about taking ideas from many places, making sense of it all, and slowly word by word creating a new world out of the parts.

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Some golden oldies:
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